Restoration of Nature

St. Luke's Restoration of Nature:

A Comprehensive Watershed Restoration Project

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In August 2017, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church began construction on a comprehensive watershed restoration initiative in Annapolis on Back Creek, sub watershed of the Severn River, tributary of the Chesapeake Bay. The project is enabled by two grant awards from Maryland’s Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays Trust Fund totaling $1,115,770 and our implementation partners, Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay and Underwood & Associates. St. Luke’s raised matching funds through St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church Mission Grants, Severn River Association, Unity Gardens, Willis Bilderback Memorial, Annapolis Subaru, Watergate Pointe, and church fundraisers in support of its Bay restoration project.

May 17, 2017

Best management practices (BMP) at the top of the project include regenerative stormwater conveyance first with curb cuts and bio swales that feed a restored historic stream channel on St. Luke’s property. The stream will be re-established by daylighting stormwater pipes, allowing the water to enter a series of step pools and weirs that naturally conveys stormwater while slowing it down and spreading it out allowing replenishment of the aquifer through infiltration while also treating the water as it flows and seeps through the stream channel and re-established balanced ecosystem. At the tidal interface, the project, will tie in more BMPs by re-establishing native tidal marsh habitat and living shoreline on Watergate Pointe’s property furthering improving water quality while stabilizing eroding banks.

Our project was featured in the Chesapeake Quarterly!

There are many benefits. The resulting clean water and quality habitat will enable spawning fish and other aquatic species to thrive. Overall restoration will provide food and shelter for flora and fauna. Reduced pollution will benefit the City of Annapolis and will provide significant Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) reduction credits to help meet the Chesapeake Bay Program’s blueprint for restoration. And finally, quality green space for the community will be created in a park-like setting, which doubles as an environmental education campus for public and private schools in teaching environmental literacy.

The 28 acre drainage system project also is supported by RiverWise Congregations, a partnership working to involve communities of faith in watershed restoration, which includes Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, Anne Arundel County Watershed Stewards Academy, and Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake.


Episcopal Diocese of Maryland Vision

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For the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland, caring for the environment is core to our spiritual vocation. As stewards of creation, we must strive to live a life that sustains our environment and in turn allows all of us to live healthy and just lives through sharing and protecting the earth’s resources for everyone. Therefore, during these dire environmental times, we must actively put forth solutions and actions that can be embraced by the diocese and its members, and be a beacon for all people in our region.