Welcome to St. Luke's Episcopal Church, located in the community of Eastport in beautiful Annapolis, Maryland.
We are a small church with a big heart.  Here you will not find gothic arches or long lines to the communion rail,
but you will find a welcoming spirit full of joy and gratitude for God’s presence among us.

Thank you to everyone who donated during the GreenGive!
Through your generosity, St. Luke's Restoration of Nature raised $7,261 from 52 community donations!
With the $65,000 in matching funds, the 12 partners organizations raised $172,036 for the greener good.
We will update St. Luke's total once matching funds are distributed.
Learn more at greengive.org

Springtime at St. Luke's

Despite our size, or perhaps because of it, there is a sweet spirit in this place when we gather to worship and work.  Our parish is eclectic and a little quirky.  As a community we are usually joyful, often spunky, sometimes amazed, and always glad to see one another.

We hope you will visit and spend some time with us.  St. Luke's is a loving church with many opportunities for personal involvement.  Here you can grow spiritually and make a difference in the community.