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Sermons posted on this page are primarily those preached by our Rector, The Rev. Diana Carroll.  Guest preachers may occasionally also provide their notes to be posted. We hope you enjoy perusing this archive of inspirational, challenging, and uplifting messages that have been shared with our congregation.

11-21-21 Last Pentecost (Reign of Christ) - Closing Time

11-07021 All Saints Sunday - The Saints of St Luke's

10-10-21 Proper 23 Stewardship of Privilege

10-03-21 Proper 22 - Among the Ashes

09-21-21 Proper 20 - Servant of All

09-05-2021 Proper 18 Be Opened

08-29-21 Proper 17 Broken and Beloved

DioMD Zoom Homily 08-04-21

08-22-21 Proper 16 - Can't Turn Around

08-15-21 Proper 15 True Body

08-08-21 Proper 14 Bread of Heaven

08-01-21 Proper 13 One Bread

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