Sermons posted on this page are primarily those preached by our Rector, The Rev. Diana Carroll.  Guest preachers may occasionally also provide their notes to be posted. We hope you enjoy perusing this archive of inspirational, challenging, and uplifting messages that have been shared with our congregation.

04-25-21 Easter IV - Laying Down Our Liv

02-21-21 Rev. Tom Clement

04-04-21 Easter Day - Passing Over

04-02-21 GoodFriday - For Our Sins

04-01-21 Maundy Thursday

03-21-21 Deacon Lauren

03-07-21 Lent III - Table-Turning Prophet

02-28-21 Lent II In the Crosshairs

02-17-21 Ash Wednesday - Repentance and Reparations

02-14-21 Last Epiphany - Vision

02-07-21 Epiphany V - The Stars

01-31-21 Epiphany IV Our Power